My Vacation: A Summary

I know lot are dying to know what I did on vacation. Don’t lie- you’re reading this right now. So here you go:

– finished knitting 1 washcloth

– read Kiss the Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton


– had ice cream before noon

– baked two batches of cinnamon rolls (but they came from a can so don’t tell Kate. She gets fussy about that sort of thing.)


– bought fish

– updated Ravelry (a little)

– got my hair cut

– rolled $3 in coin (big ballin’!) (is that what the kids says these days? I’m so out of the loop)

– finished season five of Dr. Who

– tried making mineral veil and failed (a post for another day)

– mailed my New York friend’s knitted stuff (which she hasn’t received yet)

– had lunch with Kelly

– bought over $55 in makeup (it was in the fun money budget, don’t judge)

– ate out at 4 restaurants

– tried 2 seasonal Steak “N Shake shakes

– bought my own Sonic Screwdriver (a pen with a flashlight and a laser pointer that I use to torment the fish)


– manicure and pedicure


– tried the Courtesy Diner for the first time

– finished my fingerless mitts



Do you know that this was the first vacation where I only read one book? And technically I was  already halfway through it when my vacation started.



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