Mineral Veil Fail

As you all know, I am a Pinterest-aholic. One day, I stumbled upon a recipe of sorts for homemade mineral veil.

Being in love with Bare Minerals makeup and not always having the money for it, I thought I’d give it a shot.


Now, the girl in the photo looks very beautiful as she holds a brush to her face.

That’s not what happened to me.

Nope, I got a case of white face.


The blogger mentions that you can tint the veil with foundation.

No you can’t.


Fuck that. Next day I went to the mall and shelled out twenty bucks for my Mineral Veil.


4 thoughts on “Mineral Veil Fail

  1. ras1217 says:

    Yup, you look pretty white there sister. Pretty ghostly as a matter of fact. Methinks that was not the look you were going for. Yep, some times you just got to spend the money. (mine is expensive too, that is why you seldom see me wear it.)

  2. ras1217 says:

    Yes, it was. However, now that you have makeup to use; you can now ticker with the stuff you made to see if you can figure the right proportions so you can make your own.

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