Autumn Bucket List Item #9: Make Hot Chocolate

Richie and I are sitting here on my first night of vacation (yay!- last one of the year- boo!) and we’re watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.


Me: “Wait! I need you to pause that so I can make some hot cocoa!”

Richie: :::pause:::

Richie: “Can you make me some hot tea?”

Me: “God!”

But I made it, of course. Because that’s how awesome I am. Then I made my cocoa.




If you can’t read the mug, it says, “Coffee is not my cup of tea~ Samuel Goldywn”. I bought it at Barnes & Noble because I don’t like coffee but I loooove tea.


And look at the cute little mug painted inside the mug!

How meta.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Richie and I are giving the MST3K treatment to The Cabinet because we have no respect for film.



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