Day 30: All Over

I can’t believe it’s finally over.


We made it through another November.  As much as I love doing this, it’s always so hard to keep coming up with something new and witty.

I think my favorite post this month is the pumpkin bread entry. It was the most fun to write.


Day 29: Black Friday

That name just doesn’t conjure up good images, does it?


For me, frankly, if I can’t be in bed, I’d rather be at work. (Which is where I’ll be) I’m safer there.


However, if you are going shopping, may the odds be ever in your favor.

black friday trample

Day 27: Autumn Bucket List Item #3: Bake Pumpkin Bread

Or: Operation Ruin Kara’s Pumpkin Bread in Just Twelve Easy Steps.

Shoot me.

Step One: Gather ingredients.


I’m using this recipe. I’m taking Kara’s advice and replacing half of the white sugar with dark brown sugar. I also added a whole cup of chocolate chips because duh.

Step Two: Realize your mixing bowls are not big enough.


Pray your mother was serious about giving her your old ones.

Step Three: Transfer overflowing not-big-enough bowl to lid of cake pan.


Step Four: As you are mixing, realize you could have changed the serving size of the recipe on the website in the beginning and avoided this whole damn mess.


Step Five: Be thankful Richie isn’t home to see you make an epic mess of the kitchen.

Step Six: Realize that this is proof that women do not belong in the kitchen.

Step Seven: Realize that some of your more talented family members are reading this and are going to give you so much shit tomorrow at Thanksgiving.

Step Eight: Hey, at least the batter looks decent and doesn’t taste too bad.


Step Nine: Realize that no matter how hard you tried, you probably did not grease and flour the loaf pans properly and that the bread is going to burn and fall apart in clumps. Cry.

Step Ten: Realize you are not Kara of the Baked Awesomeness. Cry again.

Step Eleven: Pull loaves out of the oven. Feel hope rise.


Step Twelve: Take one loaf to Knit Night and wish for the best of luck.

Day 26: Fingerless Mitts

This year, I made a few pair of fingerless mitts.







And a pair for someone for Christmas that I can’t mention in case she reads this blog.

But the most recent pair (another Christmas gift) seems to be cursed.

First, my yarn got all tangled. I had to cut it off and start all over. Then, my yarn cake broke right off my needles and got lost in the undertow.

I never did find it. So I’ll have to knit something else for that person that probably *won’t* be finished by Christmas.


Day 25: Alice Hoffman

So I was going to write a review on The Drowning Season by Alice Hoffman. As I was thinking of what I was going to say, I realized something: Alice Hoffman writes a lot of fluff.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re coming off something large and intense, or a classic, fluff is usually the way to go. But the thing is (for me anyway), Hoffman’s books average 275 pages. That’s not really enough time for me to really get to know the character and really root for them.

There is a specific formula to Hoffman’s work- intro to characters; flashbacks; something serious happens; conclusion. She’s a formulaic fluff writer. (Ooh, I like how that sounds.) I like to be involved with characters- which sounds disturbing since I read Thomas Harris. But you get what I’m saying.

I’m not saying any of this is bad. Some people love fluff. It’s something I noticed and felt the need to share. Lucky you.

Day 24: The Buttery

The Buttery is a greasy spoon that Richie took me to today in South City. I don’t have a photo because it was a spur of the moment decision.

It’s your typical hole in the wall diner- it even smells like burning. But, it has great diner food at way low prices. Lower even than the South City Diner. One deluxe burger, fries, chocolate shake, fish filet, more fries, coleslaw and ice tea for fifteen bucks. Breakfast is served all day, and they are open 24 hours. I should warn you- CASH ONLY.

Always good to know of a good hangover joint all over the city. This place is really good. City Diner will always be my favorite (unless I’m in St. Charles, then it’s Gingham’s all the way), but The Buttery will do in a pinch.