Day 6: Book Tattoo

Just like yesterday’s post, I found this photo on BookPorn.

book tattoo

I had already planned for my next (and final) tattoo to be a tea cup. But apparently the universe has other plans for me and sent me this. Because it’s definitely larger than my other two pieces, I think I’ll wait on it. But where would I put it? I already have the bookworm on my shoulder, and the butterfly on my left abdomen. (or lower left quadrant as Google Images helpfully points out) I was planning to put the tea cup near the bookworm.



4 thoughts on “Day 6: Book Tattoo

  1. ras1217 says:

    So you already have the above tattoo? Or you’re thinking of getting it?

  2. calwen says:

    Isn´t there a grammatical mistake? There is an article but it is plural so… although I am not sure, I am not a native speaker 😀

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