Day 17: Nutso Weather

It is November. And November in St. Louis generally means cold. Especially this late in the game.

But not today.

No, today it got up to 77 degrees. Friends of mine had their windows open.

Then there was the wind gust. This massive wind burst just rolled through, reducing visibility to practically zero. When Richie and I went out after, there were downed limbs, and even a downed tree in the yard of the priory.

I’m not gonna lie- I like unpredictable weather. Makes things more interesting. Hopefully we have a mild winter. I don’t mind a little bit of cold. But when it cuts so deep past your bones and into your soul, I can’t handle it. Mild weather for me, please.


2 thoughts on “Day 17: Nutso Weather

  1. Tempesttea says:

    Did you see the old convent down the block from you lost a tree?

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