Slow Going

Hey guys. Sorry for the radio silence. It’s been a rough start to the new year.

I’ve been in a bleak period, but I’m slowly pulling myself out.

I think I mentioned before that I was sick on my birthday, and that I had a most mellow NYE. It took a full week before I felt normal. Richie woke up at 5am on the first throwing up. I think he had a milder version of what I had, but I’m sure the vanilla whiskey helped. He was down for only a couple of days.

Then, when we had that ridiculous snowstorm, I missed two days of work because my car wouldn’t start. But once we got it up and running, it’s pretty much been behaving.

I just finished my fourth book for the year. (that means I’m slacking)

I was in a bit of a knitting block for a while- not really sure what I should knit. I had a bunch of beautiful pastel Bernat yarn that I just wasn’t sure what to do with. Blanket? Hats? Cowls for everyone! I just finished mine a today. The needles accidentally got tangled, so the cowl looked a little off, but whatever, I liked it. Then when I was showing it to Richie, he said it was a Mobius. Then he looked at it again and said it was a double Mobius. I accidentally knit myself a double Mobius. I’m rather proud of that.

Work has had a bit of a shakeup. My assistant manager is leaving- next Friday. They threw everything at him to get him to stay to no avail. Then another woman is transferring to another department. The manager I could care less about- I’m bummed about the woman. She’s my rock. She’s the one reason that makes going in to work worthwhile. She’ll still be with the company, but it won’t be the same. *dramatic, pitiful sigh*

That’s pretty much it. I’ll try to be more faithful with my posting since things are starting to brighten up a little.


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