I won a giveaway!

Remember how a few weeks ago I mentioned that I won in Kara’s blogiversary giveaway?

Want to see what I won?

Of course you do.


First up: Monster notions bag!


Next: stitch marker with British cuss words:



Do you know how happy it makes me to knitting along, and to come upon bollocks? Guess!

Some tea:


And two skeins of Koigu sock yarn:


It’s already on its way to becoming a pair of socks. (gussets be damned)

This was definitely a bright spot in an otherwise bleak month. She’s really good at that. Thanks Kara!

Also, you guys should head over to her blog and congratulate her on passing her first round of Ph.D. exams!


Valentine’s Day

Yes, I know I’m late posting this. But I’m lazy, and it’s not like you really care anyway, as long as you get to hear about it.

I got home from work to see my man looking all yummy:


He had a romantic candlelight setup in the office (dining room for the night’s purposes):


Chili was served, which his daughter didn’t think was very romantic (it was enough for me!):



We even had a fire going:


We then curled up to watch Visitor Q, which has to be the most disturbing film I think I’ve ever seen. Not really Valentine’s Day material, but how could I have known? We have a tradition on VDay of staying in with a home cooked meal and horror films. This film was on another level.

Anyways, all in all, good day.

New Baby

Today we added to our family: A Colombian/Argentine boa constrictor.

If you do not like snakes, stop reading NOW.

The little fella (we’re guessing it’s a boy since it hasn’t been sexed) is named Salazar. If you guessed for Salazar Slytherin, you would be correct! Good for you.


Richie’s Burmese python died a couple of weeks ago, and it hit Richie pretty hard. He’d had Clutch for ten years.

We went the following weekend to ARC but Richie didn’t really see anything that spoke to him.

But today, we brought this baby home.


And it’s an actual baby. It will be the first snake that Richie has raised from a baby, and he’s really excited about it. He’ll have to do some research to find out how often to feed him, but the food is so cheap he can just stock up at once. (want to guess how much fun it is to open the freezer and find a frozen rat just hanging out? Or worse- finding one thawing out in your sink?)


It’s unbelievable how soft he is. Richie says it’s because his scales are so tiny because they haven’t fully developed yet.


Mom: I don’t like snakes.

Me: Well he isn’t your pet, is he?


About three weeks ago at work, I was told I was going to be made full time.

The following week, I was told that the paperwork had been rejected and that I would remain part time. After six years.

I felt like I’d been punk’d. Ashton Kutcher would be proud.

This week, the manager was fired. Yesterday was another coworker’s last day before switching to another department. When she hugged me goodbye, I begged her not to leave me alone with these lunatics.

I have no idea what’s going on with my company. The best people are leaving, and they are being replaced by these young people who have no idea what they are doing. Now, I’m young, but these people are younger than me, and are being put into management positions with zero experience in management. Sometimes barely any experience in this industry. And I know that they have to learn at some point, at that someone needs to give them a chance. But management isn’t just knowing software and policy-e  you have to know how to manage people. None of these people have that.

The atmosphere at work has become really toxic. There has to be a reason that at least a dozen workers left last month. I’ve been in the same position for six years- part time, no promotions.

Now look, I’m not asking for $40,000  a year here. But why is it so difficult to give me a living salary? Something where I can take my student loans out of economic hardship and be able to pay them back. Something where I’m not worried about running out of food, gas, and money at the same time.

I’m lucky that Richie is able to help out. He’s been getting steady work lately. I just sometimes worry about the work running out. I need to get out of this company. No one rewards business loyalty anymore. I was born in the Year of the Dog, and this is the Year of the Horse. Apparently this will be a good career and social year for me. Hopefully I will find some new, fulfilling work this year.

Sorry if this seemed ranty and/or political. I just had to get it out- that’s what this space is used for.

Ten on Tuesday: Ten ‘I Am’ Statements

I’m totally stealing this from Ann.

This might become a weekly thing. Last week she did ten things to love about winter, and I just don’t love winter that much. These are in no particular order.

1) I am a Capricorn born in the year of the Dog.

2) I am an avid reader. Have you seen my GoodReads page?

3) I am a knitter. If you visit this blog enough, you already know that.

4) I am a daughter. I have a smart mouth and I back talk- sure. Where do you think I get it from?

5) I am a sort-of stepmother. I’ve known Richie’s daughter Lauren since she was eight, and she’s about to turn fifteen. I’ve seen her go from elementary school to middle school, now high school. We bond over Kpop and her ridiculous father. She told me I was her number one choice for wicked stepmother. She knows just what to say to turn my head.

6) I am a girlfriend. A damn good one, if I may say so myself. And he’ll agree if he knows what’s good for him.

7) I am a friend. I am so fortunate to have made the friends that I have. And I hope that I am as good a friend to them as they all are to me. I endeavor to deserve them.

8) I am tattooed. I need to do a tattoo post, actually.

9) I am a horror film fan. I am the idiot who watches scary stuff while home alone, thereby scaring myself because I will never learn. Ask everyone on Twitter who has to read about it.

10) I am a feminist.

Good Things

Well. January can go to hell.

It’s been a rough start to the new year. For me, for Richie, and a few others we know. And while I love to bitch, I feel like I’m not always grateful for what I have, or that I sometimes miss good things that have happened. I promise, I do realize how easy I have it. So from now on, I’m going to keep a list of good things that happen to me each month. Don’t worry, I’m not getting soft in my old age. My next post will be super whiny, so you’ll have that to look forward to.

I’m Martha Stewart, and these are my Good Things for January 2014:

1) Began listening to Jrock (I particularly favor Lynch. and Dir En Gray.

2) Knit two mobius cowls (completely on accident) (post to follow)

3) Successfully made Snickerdoodles

4) Won prizes in Kara’s giveaway (post to follow)

5) Started writing again

6) Completed income taxes in less than thirty minutes

7) Ate at Diabolito’s for the first time (bland- definitely prefer Chimichanga’s)

8) Ate at Mekong for the first time (good and spicy, but I prefer Pho Grand)

9) Read nine books

10) Finally got my belated birthday pancakes (thanks, Mom!)


Hopefully February is better for all of us.