About three weeks ago at work, I was told I was going to be made full time.

The following week, I was told that the paperwork had been rejected and that I would remain part time. After six years.

I felt like I’d been punk’d. Ashton Kutcher would be proud.

This week, the manager was fired. Yesterday was another coworker’s last day before switching to another department. When she hugged me goodbye, I begged her not to leave me alone with these lunatics.

I have no idea what’s going on with my company. The best people are leaving, and they are being replaced by these young people who have no idea what they are doing. Now, I’m young, but these people are younger than me, and are being put into management positions with zero experience in management. Sometimes barely any experience in this industry. And I know that they have to learn at some point, at that someone needs to give them a chance. But management isn’t just knowing software and policy-e  you have to know how to manage people. None of these people have that.

The atmosphere at work has become really toxic. There has to be a reason that at least a dozen workers left last month. I’ve been in the same position for six years- part time, no promotions.

Now look, I’m not asking for $40,000  a year here. But why is it so difficult to give me a living salary? Something where I can take my student loans out of economic hardship and be able to pay them back. Something where I’m not worried about running out of food, gas, and money at the same time.

I’m lucky that Richie is able to help out. He’s been getting steady work lately. I just sometimes worry about the work running out. I need to get out of this company. No one rewards business loyalty anymore. I was born in the Year of the Dog, and this is the Year of the Horse. Apparently this will be a good career and social year for me. Hopefully I will find some new, fulfilling work this year.

Sorry if this seemed ranty and/or political. I just had to get it out- that’s what this space is used for.


2 thoughts on “Punk’d

  1. Tempest Tea says:

    I know what a difference finding a job you like can make in your life. Good luck finding something smazing.

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