New Baby

Today we added to our family: A Colombian/Argentine boa constrictor.

If you do not like snakes, stop reading NOW.

The little fella (we’re guessing it’s a boy since it hasn’t been sexed) is named Salazar. If you guessed for Salazar Slytherin, you would be correct! Good for you.


Richie’s Burmese python died a couple of weeks ago, and it hit Richie pretty hard. He’d had Clutch for ten years.

We went the following weekend to ARC but Richie didn’t really see anything that spoke to him.

But today, we brought this baby home.


And it’s an actual baby. It will be the first snake that Richie has raised from a baby, and he’s really excited about it. He’ll have to do some research to find out how often to feed him, but the food is so cheap he can just stock up at once. (want to guess how much fun it is to open the freezer and find a frozen rat just hanging out? Or worse- finding one thawing out in your sink?)


It’s unbelievable how soft he is. Richie says it’s because his scales are so tiny because they haven’t fully developed yet.


Mom: I don’t like snakes.

Me: Well he isn’t your pet, is he?


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