These socks!


I made them from the Koigu sock yarn that I got from Kara in that giveaway. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love them so.


Totally wearing them to work tomorrow. Super comfy.

I used this pattern.


Randomly on a Monday

1) I stole this idea from the Yarn Harlot. She has good ideas.

2) It’s the fourth day after Spring sprung, and it snowed. It was in the 70s on Friday. Oh, St. Louis weather. You keep doing you.

3) I was  supposed to watch Crows Episode Zero tonight but I got caught up in manga.

4) Currently knitting: I’m still knitting the second of my Koigu socks. I need to finish it so I can get started on Zombie’s infinity scarf.

5) Currently reading: Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America by Caroll Smith-Rosenberg.

6) I go on vacation May 1st. So, about a month or so away, right? Yay!

7) I have a cousin coming in town from San Francisco this week and I get to see her on Saturday and giver her something I knit for her. Awesome.


I think that’s everything, actually. You’re all caught up.


Lucky you.


I remembered today that I have a blog that I haven’t updated in a million years. I came over to apologize, and I see that I have over 5000 views since I started. And I have over 700 views for the month of March.

I only wrote one post for the month of March.

Who the hell are you people? And why does everyone read the same post about our Archer party that was rescheduled? LAST YEAR. Why do you all keep reading that particular post? Are you rescheduling your own Archer parties? Are you looking for tips an advice? Alcohol, food, and Archer on Netflix. Easy party, really.

Anyways, I would promise to update more, but this is me we’re talking about, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. But thanks for reading that same post over and over again.

February Good Things

1) Became a redhead again

2) Got a new snake

3) Visited new London Tea Room location (and bought two bags of loose leaf tea)

4) Solidified our new Sunday tradition- O’Connell’s Pub for lunch (we split a pound of wings and a side of fries), then we head to the London Tea Room for some tea to go and some new loose leaf tea.

5) Publicly admitted to reading and writing fan fiction and my friends were super supportive and awesome about it and I swear to god I have the best friends ever.

6) Dealt with that one issue. It hasn’t gone away, but it’s been dealt with and I can breathe again

7) Helped my man turn 35

8) Knit a Mobius cowl again

9) Read 9 books

10) Tried Baida Moroccan restaurant for the first time

11) Cast on a sock

12) Cast on another Mobius cowl