Turning Fifteen

You guys, Lauren turned fifteen yesterday.


I’ve known this girl since she was eight. I’ve watched her go from elementary school to middle school to high school where she’s taking physics and Chinese. And she’s teaching herself Korean so she can translate KPop lyrics.


She also got me into KPop, but that’s neither here nor there.


Here’s what we did on Saturday to celebrate.












I remember fifteen. I’d met Sara and was pining over Jonathan Sinclair. *sigh*


P.S. Pocky is god damn delicious.


March Good Things

1) Celebrated seven (!) years with Richie

2) Knit a cowl

3) Ate at House of India for the first time

4) St. Louis’ first Beard and Mustache competition

5) Saw Richie’s dad and step mom (hi guys!)

6) MacGuyvered a sock

7) Took Lauren on her first LYS trip (that’s local yarn store for you Muggles)

8) Began going to Sunday knitting

9) Finished Koigu socks

10) Cast on infinity scarf

11) Saw Chelsea (cousin from San Francisco)

12) Bought new DVD/Blu Ray player (those things are pretty decently priced)

13) Read 8 books