Sunday Tradition (photo heavy)

Yeah, I’ve already broken it. I know. I slept so deliciously but it was so hot when I woke up this morning.


I know.


Instead I’m going to blog about Lone Elk Park.


I work in a little cubicle. I don’t do a whole lot outside of work, so when Sunday rolls around, I’m usually suffering from cabin fever and begging Richie to take me for a drive. Usually we don’t because he mumbles something about “tired” “heat” and “wasting gas”. If we do go for a drive, sometimes it’s through local neighborhoods so I can look at the houses.


But this time we went for an actual drive. I knew Richie would never tell me and I would never guess, so it was a pretty quiet drive. However, when we made it out past Fenton, I was thoroughly confused.


Lone Elk Park.



Now, this was once a big outdoor area, and the military came in and killed all the animals except for one elk. (see where I’m going with this?) The military eventually left and this became a reserve for elk and bison.


Me: Why did the military take over this area?

Richie: Strategery.



We didn’t see any bison, but we did see a bunch of elk and deer




A little explorer


A birthday cake



And this little fellow.


Unimpressed raccoon is unimpressed.


Oh, visitors’ center selfie.




We Kinda Crashed a Wedding and a New Tradition (photo heavy)

Sort of.

Richie says we didn’t crash it because it was in a public place and that crashing would have meant walking up and sitting down with everyone else.

Yeah, I’m not that brave.

I’ve decided on a new Sunday tradition, so last night I decided I wanted to get a bit of a head start. Richie and I went to Tower Grove Park for a walk and to take some photos of Nature.


When we pulled into the park, there was a horse and carriage ahead of us. I thought it was strange because there aren’t usually carriage rides in Tower Grove. We parked, got out, and began taking photos.



We came upon a couple in the middle of the path, where we learned there was a wedding going on (hence the carriage)


and some drama. According to Bonequeshia and George (aliases obviously- in case they were questioned) the bride was two hours late; the bridesmaids were cussing and fussing; the groom was drinking; a bunch of guests had already left and things were being torn down.




The bride was in the carriage, I guess waiting for everything and everyone to show back up. She had bright red hair to match her bright red flowers. Like you do. Bonequeshia’s son said that’s probably why she was late.

Bonequeshia’s Son: She was coloring them with markers.

Me: Think she’ll get a contact high?

Son: He’s going to wake up in the morning and his pillow is going to be all red.




This is my photo of Richie to prove that we were there for other reasons, not sneaking up on a wedding.





Anyways, they got married and it was all perfect and lovely.

Well, lovely.

I wish them the best of luck.


The family Concresha that we met last night (ALIASES) were so much fun and I hope we can crash more weddings with them in the future.


Anyways, new tradition. I’ve decided that on Sunday mornings I’m going to get up and walk to the park with tea and my camera and take photos. I live so close to tons of parks so this should be fun. This morning I went back to Tower Grove around 9:30. It was quiet and not too many people were there, which was awesome.


Free hugs inside! Don’t be such a wimp.


Why would you put a bench directly under a tree? I get wanting shade, but look at all that bird poo. Ick.








Of course I had tea and a book with me. I mean, duh.



Anyways, by the time I left, it had gotten a little warm. So I think next week I’ll go a little earlier in the morning. I won’t tell you where I’m going before hand because I don’t want you stalking me, nutjob. But yes, you have this to look forward to on Sundays now.


Good for you.

June Good Things

Wow, I’ve really been slacking in my blogging, huh? I’m really sorry. I’ll try to do better.

I’ll try really hard, okay?


1)  Joy and Caleb’s wedding (on a beautiful Saturday in June that held two thunderstorms and a tornado)

2) Shakespeare in the Park- Henry IV (Yes, we saw them backwards. We’re edgy like that)

3) Ate at Bahn Mi so for the first (and last) time

4) Ate at Que Pasa for the first time (Father’s Day)

5) Taught Lauren to knit washcloths

6) Lauren finished her first cowl

7) Bought art supplies (which will be a blog post as soon as I actually get around to painting)

8) Went to Book House for the first time (It was okay. I prefer Dunaway and Left Bank)

9) Read 13 books