Sunday Tradition (photo heavy)

Yeah, I’ve already broken it. I know. I slept so deliciously but it was so hot when I woke up this morning.


I know.


Instead I’m going to blog about Lone Elk Park.


I work in a little cubicle. I don’t do a whole lot outside of work, so when Sunday rolls around, I’m usually suffering from cabin fever and begging Richie to take me for a drive. Usually we don’t because he mumbles something about “tired” “heat” and “wasting gas”. If we do go for a drive, sometimes it’s through local neighborhoods so I can look at the houses.


But this time we went for an actual drive. I knew Richie would never tell me and I would never guess, so it was a pretty quiet drive. However, when we made it out past Fenton, I was thoroughly confused.


Lone Elk Park.



Now, this was once a big outdoor area, and the military came in and killed all the animals except for one elk. (see where I’m going with this?) The military eventually left and this became a reserve for elk and bison.


Me: Why did the military take over this area?

Richie: Strategery.



We didn’t see any bison, but we did see a bunch of elk and deer




A little explorer


A birthday cake



And this little fellow.


Unimpressed raccoon is unimpressed.


Oh, visitors’ center selfie.




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