This weekend, Richie and I attended the Second Annual Kansas City Beard and Mustache Competition (no, heaven wasn’t there) and Richie placed third in his category- full beard natural over eight inches.


Before the competition, we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (no heaven there, either).  We split a sampler platter (onion rings; nachos; boneless wings; and mozzarella sticks) and cheesecake bites. Which were fried. I ingested too many calories and went nineteen hours without eating another bite. No headaches, and I didn’t get hangry. (Where you’re so damn hungry, you’re angry)


So yesterday I decided I was going to start eating healthy. I was going to buy some fruit and make more smoothies and I was going to clean up my act because I’m 31 years old and I just can’t do this shit anymore.


Then, today, Richie took me here:

Rocket Fizz (photo taken from website)


Yeah, an old fashioned Soda Pop Candy Shop. Tons of candy and soda and posters and awesome music. Our budget was $10.


My $25 receipt laughs in the face of your budget.



There was also a butterscotch soda, but that was gone before we got home.


New favorite store, ya’ll.



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