Things have been crashing down around me pretty hard. They slashed my hours at work; some jackhole tried to steal my car and it cost $500 to repair- all my savings; and my grandmother fell and fractured her hip. Awesome.

A couple of months ago I took some money from my savings to buy paint supplies. It was quite the dilemma to decide if I even wanted to do it- I polled everyone on Twitter, at the office, and texted several friends.

I finally got around to painting today. I figured that since my savings was gone I might as well put those supplies to good use.

It’s a poor excuse for abstract- a medium I don’t really understand. I definitely do not have talent, but I’m okay with that. I just put down what I saw in my head (although they didn’t quite turn out the way I saw them). There’s something soothing about putting brush to canvas, and mixing colors.


Of course Richie was super supportive and turned the music studio into an art studio.






Mae West


Red Box #1


Sunflower (don’t let Vincent find out)


Cherry Blossoms


That’s all I’ve done because I ran out of canvases


I know I’m not Caravaggio, but I like them.


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