Dear Sir Anthony Hopkins

You are my imaginary grandfather.

Since Dame Judi Dench is my imaginary grandmother, you guys should probably get together and start shopping for my birthday present. It’s in two months, you know.

I like ponies.


Randomly on a Tuesday

1) I’m on vacation. Woooooo! Last one of the year, though. Awwwwww.

2) I’m currently finishing up The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe.

3) I’m lying on my chaise watching Tremors on AMC. Kevin Bacon, I love you so. Also, can we talk about how awesome Reba is? Love her so much.

4) I’m knitting my first sweater. Sweater vest. Sweater tank. Whatever. I’ve had a few starts and stops, but thanks to help from Kara, Jen, and Siri, I’m on my way. I’m just gonna rib until my fingers fall off.

5) Remember how I mentioned I write fan fiction? One of my stories has 60 subscribers, which is pretty impressive since the couple I write isn’t written about. As far as I can tell. Some people (60 individual people) really like the idea of this certain guy being pregnant. (yeah, it’s an mpreg)

6) If you are not one of my ff buddies, do NOT as questions about number five.

7) My job cut my hours by a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I’m now working less than 25 hours a week. And yes I’m making x amount of dollars, but since I’m working less hours, it’s not really a liveable wage. So obviously I need to find new work. Seven years, and this is what I get. Richie was right- no one honors business loyalty anymore. I had an interview at a new place at the beginning of the month, but I didn’t get it. I cried. I mean, I broke down and sobbed. It was a god thing I was off work that day. I calmed down and built a little nest and read angsty fan fic (want to guess how much that helped?) and Arwa spammed me with photos of Top and my Twitter girls made me feel better. Now I need to get up the nerve to look for another job again.

8) I hate that I let my job and lack of money in my bank account define who I am. I know that my job is what I do not who I am. I know that I still have a working car and a nice apartment and clothes and food. I know all this. I just can’t help but wonder why I’m so… average. I mean, I’m okay with a life of mediocrity, I just wish I were a little more financially stable. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had done something different better in college. But then would I have met Richie? But, that way lies madness. I’d much rather have someone I love waiting for me at the end of the day. That one person who knows everything about my moods; who just accepts everything without asking questions; the one who knows just the right thing to say to make me laugh. I just wish that just once my personal life and my professional life were both awesome.

9) Anyways, I’ve got two items crossed off my bucket list. I guess I need to blog about those things instead about whining about this stuff. Although, this is my blog so I’ll whine when I want to. Fuck off.

10) No, don’t fuck off. I like it when you read my blog.

Sunday Confessions- KPop

Yes, it had to happen eventually. Shut up.



1) Kim Heechul is my ultimate bias forever. We could never be a couple because there can only be one diva in a relationship, and we both fill that role. The sex would be off the hook though. (sorry, Mom) He’d be my best bitchy girlfriend.


2) I’m an ELF. Specifically, a Petal.

3) I love the Big Bang fandom, but their music doesn’t really do anything for me. Except TOP’s rapping. Because duh. (If any of my BB Twitter girls are reading this, please don’t hate me) I’ve often said I’d rather meet by BB Twitter girls than the idols themselves. The first time I really became aware of any group outside of Super Junior is from fan fiction. Yeah. But the boys are sexy as hell.

4) I love EXO’s music, but their fandom is absolutely batshit. And there’s not really a nice way to say that. And I know they’re not all bad, and I shouldn’t lump of them together. But still. Some of them are… enthusiastic.

5) It was so hard for me for so long to accept Taemin growing up, because he started so young and he’s so god damn pretty.


Then I saw Taemin’s Danger video. Yeah, you’re all grown up now, baby boy. Wait til I get my hands on you.


Here’s some puppy dog eyes for you



Sunday Confessions- Horror Films

1) My favorite horror film (as I mentioned last week) is Nosferatu. The special effects for 1922 were spectacular (in my opinion) and it’s just such an unsettling film.


2) I love zombie films. My favorite is a French one called La Horde. It was one of the best last stand scenes I’ve seen.


3) I love love love Dracula, Dead and Loving It. You either love this movie or you’re wrong. There’s nothing wrong with humor in horror (see Young Frankenstein), and this has an all star humorous cast. Leslie Nielsen is simply the best.


4) Takashi Miike is a fucked up horror film director (and I mean that as a compliment) from Japan. I’ve seen a good deal of his work, though not all of it. And not all of it is horror. I have watched Imprint and Audition all the way through, but I can’t watch Ichi the Killer. I usually get to the halfway point, and I’m able to watch a little more each time, but I have yet to watch it all the way through. I don’t consider Visitor Q horror. I don’t know what the fuck that movie is.


5) Bela Lugosi is the best Dracula. Don’t even try to argue me on this one.


6) I love classic horror. It’s my favorite genre. When I was younger I loved the blood and gore. But as an adult, I have more of an appreciation for what you think you see out of the corner of your eye. I believe what’s left to the imagination of the viewer is more frightening than what any filmmaker can show. Those who disagree simply don’t have a good imagination, or lack one altogether. I pity them.

September Good Things

I can’t believe how slow I am with these things. Ugh. Sorry. Anyway.


1) Drove to Little Rock for Shannon and Theresa’s wedding

2) Cast on for first sweater/shirt/top

3)Ate at Truc Lam for first time- damn good food for a hole in the wall*

4) Got Halloween costume together

5) Work anniversary- 7 years

6) read 9 books



*Let’s face it- most hole in the wall joints have the best food

Sunday Confessions- Movies (photo heavy)

1) Top five- Casino; Fatal Attraction; The Hours; It’s Complicated; and Pride and Prejudice (1995).

Casino_poster Fatal_attraction_poster

The_Hours_poster Its_complicated_ver2


2) Favorite horror film- Nosferatu


This movie isn’t scary- like jump scares or nightmare inducing- but it’s very creepy and unsettling.

3) Favorite genre- documentary

4) Favorite actresses- Streep; Winslet; Thompson; Hepburn; Kelly; West; Dench; Smith; Bonham Carter






mae west




5) Favorite directors- Off the top of my head: Tarantino; Hitchcock; Scorsese; Burns


Sunday Confessions- Music

1) I listen to Kpop for the music



2) Same for JRock


I love visual kei, don’t you?

3) When I was little and listened to Elvis singing “Return to Sender”, I though he singing “Return to Cindy” and I couldn’t understand why he was pronouncing her name wrong.

4) I don’t like Katy Perry’s pop crap, but I do like her darker stuff that have rappers guesting on the track. ET and Dark Horse

5) I watched ‘Some Kind of Monster’ and now I can only see Metallica as whiny brats who need to leave the playground and take a nap. Especially you, Lars.