Autumn Bucket List 2015

It’s that time of year again! Woo hoo! Although technically it started a couple of weeks ago, but never mind.

Autumn Bucket List


1) Make a bonfire

2) Watch 10 scary movies

3) Make broccoli cheddar soup

4) Visit a new pumpkin patch (as in different from last year, which was Rombach’s)

5) Knit a sweater

6) Go on an autumn picnic

7) Decorate for Halloween

8) Read five scary/Halloween books

9) Dress up for Halloween

10) Take a nature walk

11) Carve a pumpkin

12) Make potato soup

13) Make a dump cake

14) Make a batch of pumpkin muffins

15) Bake apple pie bread


Autumn officially ends on December 21st. I technically have until then, but for some reason winter always starts in December in my mind. So let’s see if I can get all of these finished by December first. Wish me luck!


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