Sunday Confessions- KPop

Yes, it had to happen eventually. Shut up.



1) Kim Heechul is my ultimate bias forever. We could never be a couple because there can only be one diva in a relationship, and we both fill that role. The sex would be off the hook though. (sorry, Mom) He’d be my best bitchy girlfriend.


2) I’m an ELF. Specifically, a Petal.

3) I love the Big Bang fandom, but their music doesn’t really do anything for me. Except TOP’s rapping. Because duh. (If any of my BB Twitter girls are reading this, please don’t hate me) I’ve often said I’d rather meet by BB Twitter girls than the idols themselves. The first time I really became aware of any group outside of Super Junior is from fan fiction. Yeah. But the boys are sexy as hell.

4) I love EXO’s music, but their fandom is absolutely batshit. And there’s not really a nice way to say that. And I know they’re not all bad, and I shouldn’t lump of them together. But still. Some of them are… enthusiastic.

5) It was so hard for me for so long to accept Taemin growing up, because he started so young and he’s so god damn pretty.


Then I saw Taemin’s Danger video. Yeah, you’re all grown up now, baby boy. Wait til I get my hands on you.


Here’s some puppy dog eyes for you




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