Day 13: Meh

Here it is. The middle of NaBloPoMo rut. I have all these topic ideas to write about, but just not the energy. It’s that time of year- when it gets dark and cold and I find myself falling into a funk because everything seems wrong and blah.

It’s freezing outside, but at least the sun is out. I have one curtain open because having them both open would let in too much cold. I hear people have seen flurries around the area, but I refuse to believe it because I’m not ready for snow.

I’ve been craving protein the past couple of days, which makes no sense because I’ve been eating tons of chili and spaghetti. I’ve been eating tons of food period this week. I guess it’s those cold-weather instincts trying to get me to fatten up so that I can hibernate.

Guess I had more to say than I realized.


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