Day 14: Five for Friday

1) I’m almost finished with my sweater/vest/tank top. It’s not quite as long as I was expecting, but I think I can squeeze at least one or two more rows from the final skein. I’m pretty sure it’s the final skein- I can’t find any more. And I’m not impressed with the neckline, so I might have Jamie show me how to do an i-cord pickup. Richie is impressed with me making a sweater, but he doesn’t think pink is the right color. Or at least this shade of pink.

2) Jasmine tea is good, but it shouldn’t be drunk while reading Sherlock Holmes. One needs a good black tea for Sherlock- English No 1, or Earl Grey. Earl Grey is my favorite, but I’m all out for the moment.

3) I’m reading the Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol. I. I’m on page 393 of 1059 pages. I’ve aimed for about 100 pages a day, but it isn’t quite working out that way. I’m convinced it’s going to take me the whole rest of the month to finish volume I.

4) My next knitting project will be practicing cables. I mean, yes, I need to finish the Foggy Seas scarf and cast on the April in Atlanta Shawl. But I plan on learning how to cable before the year is out so I think I’ll just do a practice square or something.

5) Happy birthday, Jodi! XD


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