Day 23: Sunday Confessions: Tea

tea and biscuit

1) My favorite tea of all time is Earl Grey. Specifically the organic Lavender Earl Grey from the London Tea Room

earl grey

2) I do not like Chai tea. It’s too spicy

3) I love drinking jasmine tea after eating way too much food. It settles my stomach. You all will know what I’m doing after Thanksgiving

4) When reading classic literature, pair it with a black tea

5) I average about three or four cups a day

6) I collect tea tins. Not boxes- those get folded up and recycled- tins

7) I don’t always get to have little cakes with my tea, unless it’s something to do with the Royal Family. Usually those are in the form of Zebra Cakes or Swiss Rolls from Kara

8) One of my favorite lines from a book is from Dr. Zhivago. A train had stopped in the middle of the tracks, and a character whose name escapes me said, “Something must have happened. Let’s go have tea.” He just blows off the whole situation to go have tea. That’s my motto for life

9) I have two cast-iron tea pots, and one standard black kettle



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