Sunday Confessions: JRock


1) After I started listening to K-Pop, I decided to listen to J-Pop. No. Just… no. Maybe I haven’t found the right music. Then I tried J-Rock. Bingo.

2) Richie finds it very amusing that I listen to Japanese rock music but not American rock music. IT’S DIFFERENT

3) I actually found a lot of the music I listen to by following the artists on Twitter, because I thought they were pretty. Oh I’m sorry, is that sexist? WHAT’S THAT LIKE?

4) Favorite bands: lynch


The Gazette

the gazette



Dir en Grey

dir en grey

5) I don’t know if there are any girl J-Rock bands, but if you know of any, please pass the word! I’d love to hear some

6) My favorite J-Rock song is Libra by Mucc

The first time I heard it, I listened to it overandoverandoverandover for a week. I love it. I have a painting that I made while listening to this song on repeat. It’s my favorite and if you don’t like it, we can’t be friends

7) Why do these bands never come to St. Louis?! *pouts*



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