2015 Goals

Not resolutions. I’m not changing anything about myself. I’m already fantastic, baby.

1)  I haven’t been keeping good track of my knitting projects. I never know how many I’ve knit because I don’t post them up here like I should. This year I want to knit at least five different projects.

2) I want to find a new, well-paying job where I’m appreciated by my peers. It doesn’t have too pay too terribly much- just enough so I can pay back my student loans and re-join Rachel’s soap of the month club (I miss it so much)

Is that everything? I think so. Yay goals!


Four for New Year’s Day

1) First meal of the New Year: a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and a mug of organic Lavender Earl Grey tea

2) First book of the New Year: After the Quake by Haruki Murakami

3) I read on the Internet (which never lies) that there is a Japanese tradition that the first dream of a new year will come true. So I will travel the world, like a Time Lord not moving through time (that’s how I described it in my dream) with my hands bound by rope and Miyavi will be there. Yeah, okay

4) I’m still sick, but Richie bought me some medicine and Kleenex (my poor nose) and I’m drinking tons of tea and eating a bunch of citrus (Cuties are so damn good) and I hope to kick this cold’s ass soon


Hope all my readers are present and accounted for and not too terribly hungover