Today Richie and I celebrate eight years, and it just completely blows my mind. I know, I know, I say that every year. But every year it’s true!

Especially these last few months. Things are so hard and yet somehow we always manage to figure out a way to come out the other side. We make such an excellent team. We take great care of each other.

I’d like to thank Kara for introducing me to the term dork mate, because that’s what Richie really is. You don’t want a soul mate- that’s too much pressure. But a dork mate? Someone you can goof off with, who will make you laugh until it hurts, who likes the same nerdy stuff you do (or at least tolerates it), and who doesn’t make funny of you for venturing into something new (beard club! fan fiction!). I don’t think I laugh harder with anyone else, or have more fun with anyone else.

We’ve cleaned up vomit; wiped away tears; met each other’s families; broken down; built back up, and I’m still as happy as I was all those years ago. I don’t know how I lucked into something so brilliant, but I’m not letting go anytime soon. I have a koala grip on him and there’s no letting go.


(Us, circa 2007)


2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Em says:

    Sweet Monica! Happy Anniversary!!!
    I have neglected my blog for so long but decided to jump on and check out some of the ones I follow(ed) and I am so happy to see you still blogging! Yeah 8 years! Send your hetero-life-partner some love from me since it has been forever since I’ve seen him. XO

  2. I’m still blogging, but not as much as I used to- trying to remedy that, though.
    Hetero-life-mate says hi XD

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