Failed Pink Lady

I found this pin on Pinterest: a Pink Lady Smoothie

A pretty pink smoothie! I was stoked. I’m trying really hard to cut back my sweets and be healthier so I was excited for this.

All I needed was a grapefruit, honeycrisp apples, and raspberries.


Guess who’s never had a grapefruit?


This definitely did not end well.


It was way too bitter.


Then we added strawberries, and a small orange.


Too sour.


So we added banana.






Pink Ladies (not) Forever


Still a pretty color


Social Media Update

Way back when I started this blog (almost three years ago), I gave you a list of all the places where you could find me on the internet besides this place.

I’ve added more to it, so here is your updated list for all your stalking needs:



I’m pretty sure that’s everything. Or, everywhere. If you follow me on more than one site, you will notice some overlap. I’m sure you can deal with it