High Cholesterol

Richie went for his checkup and learned he has high cholesterol. He hasn’t been too concerned for mine, of course, but now that he has it, we have to change our eating habits.


We’ve done research on foods we have to avoid. We’re going to die of starvation before we die of heart disease.


My biggest problems will be repetitiveness and sweets.


I can’t eat apples and cheese or oatmeal for breakfast everyday. I’m going to get bored. And when I get bored, I don’t eat.


I have an insatiable sweet tooth. Finding healthy, low cholesterol sweets is proving difficult. Yes, I can always eat fruit, but then we run into boredom. If I had the willpower to ignore the cravings, this wouldn’t even be an issue.


And we have to start exercising.





One thought on “High Cholesterol

  1. Tempest Tea says:

    I am sorry Richie’s cholesterol is high & he has to slow down on the omelets. He is an awesome omelet maker. However, I love apples & have one almost every morning. There r all kinds of apples out there suggesting you try a bunch to see which one u like best. It will get better once you guys figure out what is good for Richie.

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