Summer Bucket List

Yes, Summer is finally (almost) upon us! Yay! What’s your favorite thing about summer? For me, it’s all the colors. After a dark gray winter, I love nothing more than bright bursts of red, orange, purple, pink, and yellow.

Richie has kicked his summer off with a music festival in Wisconsin- Blue Ox. He’ll be home Sunday. I’ve kicked mine off by writing out this list. I’m really really going to try to do one for each season, because I’m a nerd like that (and it will get my lazy ass motivated to blog more).

Here we go:

1) Go camping

2) Barbecue

3) Picnic in the Park

4) Visit the new Polar Bear at the Zoo

5) Feed the Ducks

6) See Fireworks

7) JAWS on the big screen

8) Visit a new (to us, anyway) Farmer’s Market

9) Visit History Museum

10) Go swimming (we don’t, usually)

11) Make Lemonade

12) Nature Hike

13) Watch the stars

14) Buy new swimsuit

15) Go to swap meet/flea market


Wish me luck!


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