Summer Bucket List: #7: JAWS on the Big Screen


Seeing Jaws on the big screen changes your life. I mean, I’d seen it eleventy times before, but on the screen when you’re seeing the shark’s point of view, and then all the blood and guts *sigh*

It’s also extra claustrophobic on the big screen.

How else do you kick off the first day of Summer? Mom and I went together and the theater was packed. It was definitely a treat for the ages. I saw people older than Mom, and the girl next to me was half my age. Mom was fifteen when she saw it for the first time with her brother (my Uncle Rusty) and a girl from church. I had to go with her because she’s the one who got me watching it (and all scary movies) in the first place. Yes, it’s all poignant and sentimental.

All together now: “Awwww.”

Anyways, I’d still like to see it at the outdoor screening in July. Hopefully I’ll make it to that one, too


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