Project G-Dragon

Someone talk me out of this. This is not a good idea. I swear, I do not know what I’m thinking.

So, I’m a knitter and a k-pop fan. Lauren and I often joke that we know that we’re way too into k-pop when we walk into a yarn store and start picking out yarn for various idols.

“Red lace for Heechul!”

“Bright neon everything for G-Dragon! They’ll be able to see him from space!”

But now it’s gotten out of hand. A few days ago I was cruising along on tumblr, and found this pattern.

The Dragon’s Breath Cowl.

My first thought was, “Oh, that would be cool for G-Dragon.” I mentioned it my Twitter friends who are in love with him. I had gotten the idea to knit it for him but figured he already had five thousand of these things.

Arwa, Ibby, Vee, Rachel, and Lauren have all said that I need to knit this cowl and ship it to his record label.

I’ve already bought the yarn, but I still have some supplies to go.

Why am I doing this? I mean, seriously, what do I expect? I mean, I doubt he’ll even get it. And if he does, I seriously doubt he’d wear it in public.

It’s LACE WORK. With BEADS. And a chart. I can’t read charts.

This is the most involved, difficult project I think I’ve ever done, and this dude isn’t even my bias! (don’t tell Heechul what I’m knitting)

If I complete this and he doesn’t wear it I’m going to be pissed as hell.

The ladies mentioned above have all assured me he’s knit worthy. He damn well better be.

I’ll be updating all of you on the progress of this project (no I won’t be changing the name). So far all I’ve done is print the pattern and buy the yarn


Now remember, yarn color changes from screen to screen, and in various light. That blue? It’s actually purple. It’s Ella Rae Lace Merino. I’m going to slightly alter the size because G-Dragon is a tiny little thing.

Okay, fine, it’s because I have slightly less yarn than the pattern calls for.

But G-Dragon is still rather petite but since it’s a cowl it doesn’t really matter.


How bonkers is this shit?



6 thoughts on “Project G-Dragon

  1. Tasha says:

    wow….this looks really cool tho!! If you do ship it I hope that he waers it and takes a picture!!!

  2. Swanna says:

    So I also knit and like Kpop but I’m still going to say this is bonkers and very, very ambitious. Good luck!!!

  3. […] more knitting for Kpop idols. Yeah, I still haven’t seen it on him and it’s been FIVE. RUDDY. MONTHS. I don’t […]

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