Project G-Dragon: Beads!

I totally lucked out and don’t have to buy beads for the Dragon’s Breath Cowl.

I already have them!



Someone had given me these years ago back when I was making jewelry. I hope these are enough- I’m only adding one bead to the first stitch of the first row of each repeat. I have some other small beads, and I’m pretty sure they’re the same size. But let’s worry about that when I get to it.

I went knitting over at Jamie and Natalie’s tonight, and I took my beads. Jamie broke out a crochet hook and was able to test for me that yes, these beads are the right size.

Natalie wound my yarn for me


And somehow it’s even more beautiful caked


All I need now are the two circular needles- a 24 inch size six, and a 24 inch size 8- and a fine crochet hook. And then I’ll be good to go to get started.

Also, I shipped a scarf to Australia on Friday. I just checked the tracking and it said that USPS couldn’t track this product for Australia. I guess that means it’s already reached Australia? If the USPS can’t track internationally, I probably won’t be able to track this cowl once it leaves the US, so I’ll have no idea whether or not G-Dragon even receives it.


2 thoughts on “Project G-Dragon: Beads!

  1. Tempest Tea says:

    Glad to help

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