Project G-Dragon: Shipped

I shipped it through FedEx tonight- $54.60. I wonder if it’s because I placed the value as $25. AND, he should receive it by 6:00 PM Monday.




Guys, this is a real actual thing. It has been sent out into the void. I just hope it gets there. I mean, there’s only one G-Dragon in South Korea. Only one YG Entertainment, only one Seoul. Should get there, right? Even if it takes a while.

I really lucked out that the clerk didn’t ask questions or give me any weird looks. (I addressed the package to Mr. G-Dragon) Having it arrive by Monday was my only option. I tossed in a little hand-written note. I was a little shaky so I doubt he’ll be able to read it. And yes, I did add in a P.S. about Heechul being my bias and could he please say hi to him for me.

I really hope this reaches him. A shout out would be cool, but I don’t really expect one. I know I’ve said this before, but all I really want is for this package to land in his hands, to not get lost or stolen. And if he doesn’t like it, maybe he’ll pass it on to his sister.

Anyways. I’ll be posting tracking notes on Twitter. I might whip out another post when the cowl reaches Seoul.

Here are some new photos of me in the cowl outside in natural sunlight




2 thoughts on “Project G-Dragon: Shipped

  1. Tempest Tea says:

    Blocked out well

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