Ten for Tuesday: Random

1) What I’m Reading: Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus (the pair who wrote The Nanny Diaries)

2) What I’m Listening to: Cutthroat Kitchen on NetFlix. It’s actually pretty clever

3) What I’m Knitting: a super secret project that I can’t tell you about because the person it’s for reads this blog. But I can tell you it’s stripey!

4) Isn’t stripey a great word? Even my blog dictionary recognizes it!

5) So I was dog-sitting and I was walking Gus several times over the weekend, and I definitely have tons of bug bites. Pretty sure they’re all chigger bites. Awesome. The worst bit- eleven bites on my left leg, just above the ankle


6) I’m so over summer. I mean, I love the warm weather and the flower and all the colors but I’m so over the fucking heat. It’s ridiculous

7) I’m trying to cut back on my junk food. I’m only eating it on weekends. Trying to only eat it on the weekends. So far so good, but I do fail time to time

8) This blog has been viewed over 11,000 times since I started it in 2012. Too nutty. I also have 44 followers on tumblr

9) Richie is dying to go see the Amy Winehouse documentary in the theater. I don’t know why. I mean, I know he likes documentaries, but he doesn’t love Amy the way I do. After the latest theater shooting, I have no desire to return to the movie theater any time soon. But Richie just doesn’t seem to get it. He keeps bugging me about it. Dude, we can watch it when it comes out on NetFlix

10) I finally replaced my beat up old iPod cord! This new one is thicker, longer, stronger!

…. and I’m going to stop talking now



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