Summer Bucket List #10: Go Swimming

I was starting to thinkĀ  I wouldn’t be able to do this one. Lo and behold, I was wrong.


(Don’t get used to me saying that phrase)


This weekend was TOCO, a family festival held in Jellystone Park. Richie bops around from festival to festival in the summer, and Lauren had been wanting to go with him. (two peas, those two) So Richie decided on TOCO since it’s family friendly. I wasn’t going to go at first- I was just going to let them have their father/daughter time.


“There’s a pool,” Richie offered.


Damn that water was cold.


Maybe if the weather had been ten or twenty degrees hotter it would have been better. I mean, you let any part of your body out of the water for even a minute and it was back to brain numbing temperatures.


We were in the water maybe an hour and a half. At the festival itself for four and a half hours. We checked out vendor row and Lauren and I had some ice cream (of course). It was mostly a music festival with stuff to do for the kids, and it’s for a good cause. It was a nice break from the monotony, and definitely nice to disconnect from everything for a few hours.


Also, Richie caught a skink!


We passed it on to a little girl so she could play with it and then let him go


Rachel’s Irish Hiking Scarf

So I knit my first in-depth cable project this year- Irish Hiking Scarf

rachel scarf 1

I knit it for my Twitter/AFF/tumblr friend Rachel who lives in Australia- Queen, Goddess, my Inspiration. It totally was not a bribe for her to write more


Then again, I’ve promised Tess that if she finishes “I’m Fine” I’ll knit her a pair of cat ears, so there’s that.


That being said, I should knit something for Ibby for adding a happy ending to “Hello Stranger!” instead of that angsty bullshit she ended with. Not that angst is bad, but I love happy endings.


Maybe I should knit something for every author who finishes a story I love. A new form of patronage- I can’t pay you to write fan fiction but I can knit for you!





I’m getting distracted

rachel scarf 2

Isn’t is stunning? And Rachel looks equally stunning in it. I knit it with nines, which made it a little (lot) wide and it wasn’t as long as I was hoping. I have more of this scarf planned, and I think I’ll knit with smaller needles. Eights, then maybe sevens.

Three Year Blogiversary!

Three years ago today I registered with WordPress. My first ever post was a list of ten random things about myself.

Not much has changed- my posts are still random. But apparently you guys don’t mind too much because you’re still around. So really, what does that say about you?

My knitting has improved. My baking- not so much. No homemade bread, biscuits, or scones (even though I still really really want to).

326 posts; 111 followers; 276 comments; 11,077 views total. Wow you guys. You must be somewhat entertained. I’ll do my best to keep it up