Rachel’s Irish Hiking Scarf

So I knit my first in-depth cable project this year- Irish Hiking Scarf

rachel scarf 1

I knit it for my Twitter/AFF/tumblr friend Rachel who lives in Australia- Queen, Goddess, my Inspiration. It totally was not a bribe for her to write more


Then again, I’ve promised Tess that if she finishes “I’m Fine” I’ll knit her a pair of cat ears, so there’s that.


That being said, I should knit something for Ibby for adding a happy ending to “Hello Stranger!” instead of that angsty bullshit she ended with. Not that angst is bad, but I love happy endings.


Maybe I should knit something for every author who finishes a story I love. A new form of patronage- I can’t pay you to write fan fiction but I can knit for you!





I’m getting distracted

rachel scarf 2

Isn’t is stunning? And Rachel looks equally stunning in it. I knit it with nines, which made it a little (lot) wide and it wasn’t as long as I was hoping. I have more of this scarf planned, and I think I’ll knit with smaller needles. Eights, then maybe sevens.


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