Autumn Bucket List #5 and 11: Annual Trip to Johnnie Brocks and Dress Up for Halloween

I went to Johnnie Brocks today, and it was packed. It made me feel better about last minute Halloween shopping. I wasn’t able to take photos, but here’s a photo of the bag to prove I went


I’m a devil for Halloween- simple but not too shabby


Be safe, followers. Watch out for the normals


Autumn Bucket List #3 and #9: Carve a Pumpkin and Scary Movie Night


I love watching the master at work


Richie’s O face


Sorry, the pumpkin’s O face


Personally I think it looks a little like Cartman


I’m now settling in with some scary movies. I think this year I will stick with the classics


I don’t have a copy of Dracula or Frankenstein, but my birthday’s in two months, so if you need any ideas….


“Don’t sit up all night thinking of ways to get rid of me. It makes wrinkles.”

Vincent was a bit of a bitch, huh?

Autumn Bucket List #14: Finish Sparkle Scarf

Or, more accurately, the Laughingbird Scarf.


I can’t believe how long it is! Luckily, Zombie likes long scarves. It’s blocking now, but more to bring out the pattern than to actual size.


I actually have another one of these planned for my coworker, Connie. She saw me knitting this one and fell in love. But first I have to finish Arwa’s scarf, then Ibby’s scarf. Then I can do Connie’s. This one took a while, but that’s because I stopped to knit up some baby gear for a certain new tiny person in our family. Which is fine- not like Zombie doesn’t have enough knitting gear, plus I’ve taught her to knit.

My last week of vacation is coming up. YAY!!! I just have to get through this ruddy week. I definitely plan on lots of reading and lots of knitting. You know, the usual.

I had some problems on Arwa’s scarf, which turned out to be human error (mine). But, I’ve got that one row sorted, the repeat memorized, and I’ve switched to bamboo needles, so hopefully things will go faster. My goal is to finish Arwa’s scarf this month, Ibby’s next month, and Connie’s in December. Then, since I haven’t knit anything for myself this year, next year will be all selfish knitting.

Autumn Bucket List 2015

It’s that time of year! The most wonderful time of the year. And to go with it, my Annual Autumn Bucket List!

(imagine that said in a loud announcer voice)

(with trumpets)


1) Make Halloween Wreaths

2) Decorate for Halloween

3) Carve Pumpkin

4) Visit New Pumpkin Patch

5) Annual Trip to Johnnie Brocks

6) Bake Bread

7) Bake a Pie

8) Autumn Nature Walk

9) Scary Movie Night

10) Make Apple Cider

11) Dress up for Halloween

12) Hot Chicken Salad Recipe

13) Apple Orchard Pork Chops Recipe

14) Finish Zombie’s Sparkle Scarf

15) Knit Arwa’s Scarf


Aside from the usual items, I’ve tossed in a few recipes and some knitting. Hopefully the scarves listed will make me productive and it won’t take me forever to finish them

I’m giving myself until November 30th- December 1st is when I’ll post my Winter Bucket List.

Wish me luck!

Summer Bucket List #15: Go to a Swap Meet/Flea Market


We went to the swap meet on the grounds of the old Lemp Brewery. It was cool for me, because I know the history of it, being from St. Louis and all


And I’m sorry, but I just wasn’t that impressed. It just seemed more like a giant garage sale. Maybe I just don’t really know what I was expecting.


It was neat finding old books and Victorian coffee pots, but none of it was anything I really wanted to spend money on. I couldn’t even find any newer books!





Anyways, this is the end of my summer bucket list. The only thing I didn’t do was go to the History Museum. I just kept thinking I had all this time, and then I ran out of it. Tomorrow I’ll post the Autumn Bucket List