Autumn Bucket List 2015

It’s that time of year! The most wonderful time of the year. And to go with it, my Annual Autumn Bucket List!

(imagine that said in a loud announcer voice)

(with trumpets)


1) Make Halloween Wreaths

2) Decorate for Halloween

3) Carve Pumpkin

4) Visit New Pumpkin Patch

5) Annual Trip to Johnnie Brocks

6) Bake Bread

7) Bake a Pie

8) Autumn Nature Walk

9) Scary Movie Night

10) Make Apple Cider

11) Dress up for Halloween

12) Hot Chicken Salad Recipe

13) Apple Orchard Pork Chops Recipe

14) Finish Zombie’s Sparkle Scarf

15) Knit Arwa’s Scarf


Aside from the usual items, I’ve tossed in a few recipes and some knitting. Hopefully the scarves listed will make me productive and it won’t take me forever to finish them

I’m giving myself until November 30th- December 1st is when I’ll post my Winter Bucket List.

Wish me luck!


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