Autumn Bucket List #14: Finish Sparkle Scarf

Or, more accurately, the Laughingbird Scarf.


I can’t believe how long it is! Luckily, Zombie likes long scarves. It’s blocking now, but more to bring out the pattern than to actual size.


I actually have another one of these planned for my coworker, Connie. She saw me knitting this one and fell in love. But first I have to finish Arwa’s scarf, then Ibby’s scarf. Then I can do Connie’s. This one took a while, but that’s because I stopped to knit up some baby gear for a certain new tiny person in our family. Which is fine- not like Zombie doesn’t have enough knitting gear, plus I’ve taught her to knit.

My last week of vacation is coming up. YAY!!! I just have to get through this ruddy week. I definitely plan on lots of reading and lots of knitting. You know, the usual.

I had some problems on Arwa’s scarf, which turned out to be human error (mine). But, I’ve got that one row sorted, the repeat memorized, and I’ve switched to bamboo needles, so hopefully things will go faster. My goal is to finish Arwa’s scarf this month, Ibby’s next month, and Connie’s in December. Then, since I haven’t knit anything for myself this year, next year will be all selfish knitting.


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