NaBloPoMo Day 4: IKEA!

I finally went to IKEA for the first time ever!

(pre-IKEA face)

Ikea face

(Much excite)


I went with my friend Aaron who is an IKEA buyer and has been to the store in Chicago. We were at the store for two hours.


Full walkthrough.


It was a blast.


I loved walking through the model rooms and opening drawers and cabinets. “This is my kitchen.” “Ooh, this is my bedroom.” “If I get married, I don’t want an engagement ring, I want a claw foot tub. An engagement tub.”


Then came lunch!

Ikea lunch

Those are chicken meatballs. Chicken balls, if you will. They tasted good but left a weird aftertaste.


Aaron couldn’t stop giggling at that.


Then it was downstairs to the warehouse. Test out all the things!



I prefer the yellow one.


Aaron bought a bunch of stuff for his new place, and I walked out with this little fella


Meet Samson Alien!


Their stuffed toys that are being sold for charity.




I need something to cuddle when Richie isn’t home



I think we’ll be very happy together


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