NaBloPoMo Day 14: Autumn Bucket List #6: Bake Bread

I did it. I learned how to bake bread.


And I’m not going to lie- I’m really proud of myself.


I learned from the best:


Sound silly? Maybe. But with step by step instructions (and diagrams!) for kneading and braiding, I think I did rather well.


Of course, the very first time was nerve-wracking. I had the King Arthur Flour YouTube video for kneading on in the background as I kneaded. Kneading is a hell of a workout.


Also, not only do I not have a bread machine, I do not have a bread mixer


Mixing by hand is suuuuuuch a weird feeling. So squelchy.



So much is waiting- waiting for the dough to rise, waiting for the bread to bake.


I’ve been baking for three weeks, and I’ve made six loaves with two recipes. Each recipe makes two loaves each. The first, buttermilk bread, has been the most popular at home


The second, the braided egg bread, is good, but we definitely prefer the buttermilk bread, which is pictured above.


Richie loves that I bake bread now and actually requested that I bake it every morning. Um, considering that each time I bake it makes two loaves, that’s not about to happen. Sunday is bread baking though.


This all happened because of the Great British Bake Off, which is a blog for another day.


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