NaBloPoMo Day 15: Pastries and Massages

Today was a day of firsts for myself and Richie. First, we went to Piccione Pastry in St. Louis. They had more fancy pants pastries that I’ve been wanting to try since I started watching The Great British Bake Off. I really wanted to try a napoleon, but they were out. I had a slice of flourless chocolate cake and a hot Earl Grey instead. Very good, VERY rich. Oooh.


Then, Richie and I went to get massages. He’s been super slammed these past three weeks installing solar panels out of town and he woke up in a massive amount of pain. He called into Indigo Massage and booked us in the same room. I have never received a professional massage before and was admittedly a little nervous.


Wow. It was amazing. The room smelled nice, the new age music was calming, there was low lighting, a fan, and I’m pretty sure a fountain. It was pretty soothing, the specialists only speaking in low, calming tones. I lucked out and didn’t kick the specialist (Katie) in the face when she massaged my feet. It was when she was working on my head that I felt the best. Although, there was a moment when she was gently rotating my neck that I had a vision of her twisting it right off. Of course, I watch horror films and have an overactive imagination.


Katy certainly had the whole “snug as a bug in a rug” deal going. I need to hire her to tuck me in every night. When we were all finished, I felt boneless, and a little dizzy. I don’t know if it was euphoria, although Richie swears that’s what he experienced. I know that although he’s still in pain, he feels infinitely better now, which is reassuring.


I was supposed to bake bread tonight, but the store was out of bread flour. Which wound up being a good thing because I am in no mood to do anything for the rest of the night. We both showered and groomed before our appointment, but Katie said to take a hot shower before bed so that my muscles stay loose. I’ll probably have just enough energy for that. I’m just going to be lazy for the rest of the night.


Well, I may fix a cup of Earl Grey. But otherwise- slug city, man.


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