Winter Bucket List #3: Attend Garden Glow


It was cold and gorgeous and I’m so glad we were able to glow. I was worried we wouldn’t make it in time. We bought our tickets a few hours early at the window and then went to O’Connell’s for burgers.

I think we struck me the most is that despite how many people were there, it was really romantic

garden glow

I loved walking through the cold all bundled with a cup of cocoa. Wish I’d worn a hat. Next year ;o)


The garden is always beautiful, all year round. But this attraction was really extraordinary. How could it not be with over one million lights?

light balls

Family membership at the Garden is the ultimate goal

Winter Bucket List #2: Decorate

Yes, I know this post is a little late. You’ll live.


I did minimal decorating for the holidays. I didn’t even have the energy to haul the tree up from the basement. What can I say- I’m a lazy bum.


It started off with this little bottle cap for the front door from Mom

bottle cap

Wreath for the front door


A bit crooked, but then again so are we

Toss up some stockings


The middle one is Lauren’s. The stocking stuffed inside came from Mom


Can’t forget the old standby of cards on the front door.



One of those came from Wales. Another from Alabama. :oDDD

Even the fish got involved!

fish tank

They were less than impressed. If I do it again next year, I’ll tape the ribbon to the glass of the tank


I looked back at the first Winter Bucket List post and realized I didn’t set a deadline. Spring 2016 starts on March 20, so I guess my deadline is March 19th. I still have to post about the Garden Glow, and I still have five items left to do. Well…. four and a half since I’m in the middle of knitting Vee’s scarf

Book List Progress: E’s

I finished all of my E’s last month. From e to The Eyre Affair. 0-E was as far as I got. I mean, I read a couple of F’s, but not all of them. Then, of course, I added a few new books to the list, and a few early letters have been added so I’m almost right back to where I was.




And Emma Watson has started a feminist book club on Twitter. So now I’ll have new books to add to my list which will throw off my reading schedule.


But it’s Emma Watson, so who cares?


Anyways, I’m reading IT by Stephen King and I’m wondering why I thought it was a good idea. Because now, instead of just being afraid of clowns, I’m now also afraid of balloons.


Thanks, Stephen

Winter Bucket List #6: Knit Connie’s Scarf

Remember that Laughingbird I finished back in October?

I knit a second one. For my coworker, Connie

Connie 1

Also, matching my knitting to my clothing makes me feel like I have my life in order

Connie 3

Connie 2

Connie 4

Also also, I wish I had a better camera to take pictures, whether an actual camera or a camera on my phone. Also also also the lighting in my home (and my work) sucks. Ugh, sorry about that

Connie 5

I think it’s my last time doing this pattern. It’s actually pretty easy, but with 23 repeats, and 18 rows to a repeat, it just takes FOREVER

Anyways, here’s me in Connie’s scarf

Connie 6


2016 Goals

I don’t do resolutions anymore. I set goals for myself- easier to keep.

Last year’s goals came out 50/50- I’ve gotten better at keeping track of my knitting projects, but I didn’t find a new job. However, I made it to full time, so that’s good enough for me.


Two goals again for this year:

  1. Knit a blanket. Not a baby blanket- a fully grown blanket for me. It’s also on my Winter Bucket List, so that makes extra accountability. Of course, it will be my first pattern after finishing Vee’s scarf, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. No more knitting for Kpop idols. Yeah, I still haven’t seen it on him and it’s been FIVE. RUDDY. MONTHS. I don’t know how long it takes for an idol to get something, but I am so over it. That thing took eleven days and there were beads. BEADS. *hmf* No more knitting for Kpop idols.



Also, I have done several things for my Winter Bucket List, I just haven’t blogged them yet. I fully intend to in the coming days. Okay?

Four for the New Year

1) First meal of the New Year: the last slice of my Mississipi Mud birthday cake and a mug of Earl Grey tea. Because I love myself

2) First book of the New Year: I was reading Flesh Gothic by Edward Lee (which was also the last book of 2015) but I have to give it up. It’s just too much sex and violence for the sake of sex and violence. And it’s not just part of the backstory- it’s about every five pages or so. Another reviewer called it “splatterpunk” and I agree. Useless paranormal rape, a creature whose hands had penises for fingers (I wish I was joking) and little character development. They were all dull and vapid. Nothing to really advance the plot

3) First knitting project of the New Year: Vee’s scarf. I can’t get into too much detail in case she reads this. But it’s awesome and a new kind of knitting I’ve never done before- bias knitting

4) I managed to get out of the house today. Zombie and I went to lunch at the Joy Luck Buffet and Jo-Ann’s. I know I’m on a yarn diet, but I still needed some needles for my blanket, and I bought a calendar, Valentine’s Day socks (with monkeys!), and chocolate. I have a project currently blocking so I’ll post a blog of that soon


Hope all my readers are present and accounted for and not too terribly hungover