Four for the New Year

1) First meal of the New Year: the last slice of my Mississipi Mud birthday cake and a mug of Earl Grey tea. Because I love myself

2) First book of the New Year: I was reading Flesh Gothic by Edward Lee (which was also the last book of 2015) but I have to give it up. It’s just too much sex and violence for the sake of sex and violence. And it’s not just part of the backstory- it’s about every five pages or so. Another reviewer called it “splatterpunk” and I agree. Useless paranormal rape, a creature whose hands had penises for fingers (I wish I was joking) and little character development. They were all dull and vapid. Nothing to really advance the plot

3) First knitting project of the New Year: Vee’s scarf. I can’t get into too much detail in case she reads this. But it’s awesome and a new kind of knitting I’ve never done before- bias knitting

4) I managed to get out of the house today. Zombie and I went to lunch at the Joy Luck Buffet and Jo-Ann’s. I know I’m on a yarn diet, but I still needed some needles for my blanket, and I bought a calendar, Valentine’s Day socks (with monkeys!), and chocolate. I have a project currently blocking so I’ll post a blog of that soon


Hope all my readers are present and accounted for and not too terribly hungover


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