Winter Bucket List #6: Knit Connie’s Scarf

Remember that Laughingbird I finished back in October?

I knit a second one. For my coworker, Connie

Connie 1

Also, matching my knitting to my clothing makes me feel like I have my life in order

Connie 3

Connie 2

Connie 4

Also also, I wish I had a better camera to take pictures, whether an actual camera or a camera on my phone. Also also also the lighting in my home (and my work) sucks. Ugh, sorry about that

Connie 5

I think it’s my last time doing this pattern. It’s actually pretty easy, but with 23 repeats, and 18 rows to a repeat, it just takes FOREVER

Anyways, here’s me in Connie’s scarf

Connie 6



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