Book List Progress: E’s

I finished all of my E’s last month. From e to The Eyre Affair. 0-E was as far as I got. I mean, I read a couple of F’s, but not all of them. Then, of course, I added a few new books to the list, and a few early letters have been added so I’m almost right back to where I was.




And Emma Watson has started a feminist book club on Twitter. So now I’ll have new books to add to my list which will throw off my reading schedule.


But it’s Emma Watson, so who cares?


Anyways, I’m reading IT by Stephen King and I’m wondering why I thought it was a good idea. Because now, instead of just being afraid of clowns, I’m now also afraid of balloons.


Thanks, Stephen


2 thoughts on “Book List Progress: E’s

  1. Emma Watson? Feminist book club? Yes please! Searching now. Thanks! -Emmy

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