Winter Bucket List #2: Decorate

Yes, I know this post is a little late. You’ll live.


I did minimal decorating for the holidays. I didn’t even have the energy to haul the tree up from the basement. What can I say- I’m a lazy bum.


It started off with this little bottle cap for the front door from Mom

bottle cap

Wreath for the front door


A bit crooked, but then again so are we

Toss up some stockings


The middle one is Lauren’s. The stocking stuffed inside came from Mom


Can’t forget the old standby of cards on the front door.



One of those came from Wales. Another from Alabama. :oDDD

Even the fish got involved!

fish tank

They were less than impressed. If I do it again next year, I’ll tape the ribbon to the glass of the tank


I looked back at the first Winter Bucket List post and realized I didn’t set a deadline. Spring 2016 starts on March 20, so I guess my deadline is March 19th. I still have to post about the Garden Glow, and I still have five items left to do. Well…. four and a half since I’m in the middle of knitting Vee’s scarf


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