Not So Selfish Knitting

Remember how I mentioned that this year was going to be all selfish knitting? Because I didn’t knit a single thing for myself last year?


Yeah, that isn’t quite working out.


Well first, I didn’t finish Vee’s scarf by the end of December. It stretched out into January. I shipped it a couple of weeks ago, but I’m not sure if she’s received it yet.


I knit myself a hat (it’s darling) and I’m knitting a big bulky blanket that is taking a while and I was going to knit myself a scarf.




Things have been pretty shitty at work lately. Just ridiculous. However there is one woman who has become a sort of advocate for myself and another coworker. She’s taken matters into her own hands and has gone to her boss about things that have been happening. I’m still waiting to see what will happen, but it’s still so thoughtful and kind of someone in a different department to try to make things easier for us.


It’s a lightweight scarf and a really super easy pattern and it’s knitting up quick and easy.


Well, it is when I’m not being lazy.


But after this, it’s really ALL FOR ME


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