Six for Saturday

  1. What I’m reading: A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth. It’s huge. 1349 pages. I’m only on page 175. It’s cool, though. I feel like I’m learning a bit about Indian history. It’s the first Indian novel I’ve read, and Seth is the first Indian author I’ve read. I don’t count Rudyard Kipling (he’s white and British- colonialists don’t count) or the Jungle Books (they’re about animals).
  2. What I’m knitting: Another Multnomah. This time for a wedding present. I don’t know if she has stumbled across this blog, so I’m going to keep the details to myself. I’m almost finished. I’ll post photos after the shower.
  3. Work is going good. Finally. We have finally hired extra people and are now fully staffed. Of course, they can’t do much until they have completed training, but still. We had a bit of a setback last month when my boss lost his battle with cancer. But my overtime is over (thank god) and I’m back to normal hours. I’m no longer stressed. I miss the extra money, but I feel like it’s working out.
  4. My fan fiction is also going well. I have 74 stories. My most subscribed is 255. 255 individual people read that story. It kinda blows me away a little. Okay, a lot.
  5. I’ve decided to get back into baking. I’ve seen the Great British Bake Off way too many times- which we all know is a lie, because there is no such thing as watching the Great British Bake Off too many times. Let’s be real here. It’s a bit shaky at first because it’s been so long. But, my new manager (who is a twig) is looking to gain weight, so I’m revving up to hone my skills. Her birthday is at the end of the month, so I will be baking cupcakes for her. Maybe I should do a weekly treat. Hmm. I wish there was a baking book that divided recipes up by skill level.
  6. Richie has joined a climbing gym. He took Lauren and me with him today as guests. It was fun. I only kinda sucked! I got to the top of one wall twice, and a second once. The others I attempted I only got halfway. I have to use my legs and feet more. I didn’t join today (we need groceries), but I do have a guest pass for $1o. So I’ll go one more time before making a final decision. They also offer yoga, which I’ve been wanting to try