Bake Off and Baking

As you all know (or you would if you paid attention), I LOVE the Great British Bake Off. I find it so soothing- I think because everyone isn’t yelling or cussing. I get enough of that everywhere else. Mostly from myself



Now, PBS is getting ready to start showing GBBO season six (which is PBS’s season three)(PBS also calls it the Great British Baking Show, because apparently Pillsbury owns the phrase ‘bake off’. Which is bullshit). I’m hoping that will be airing it as well (I’m pretty sure they will). It will air Fridays at 8:00, starting this Friday!

thumbs up


How am I celebrating? By baking along, of course! I’m going to try to match up week for week (cake for cake, bread for bread). There are going to be some I don’t do (Victorian, obvs), and some I have to move around (I’m pushing back pastry for when I am on vacation because I’ll be making puff pastry by hand).


Here’s what I have planned:


Week One- Cake Week: White Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cardamom Cake

Week Two- Biscuit Week: Fenugreek papdi chaat

Week Three- Bread Week: Garlic Dough Balls

Week Four- Dessert Week: Whipped Cream Cake with Caramel Icing

Week Five- Alternative Ingredients Week: Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream

Week Six- Sweet Dough Week: Tea Loaf

Week Seven- Pies and Tarts Week: Tart au Citron

Week Eight- Pastry Week: Eclairs

Week Nine- Chocolate Week: Chocolate Chip Dream Cheesecake

Week Ten- Showstopper Week: Round Florida Orange Cake w/ Madeleines and Candied Oranges



Last year, the show was aired online on Sunday nights. I hope that this doesn’t mean the show airs on TV on Fridays and online on Sundays. I already have people coming over on Friday! (fingers crossed, you guys) And you’re all invited! Provided I know you, of course.


bake off


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