Choi Seunghyun

By now, we have all heard the awful news about Choi Seunghyun. As if it wasn’t bad enough he was busted doing drugs, he ended up in the hospital.


As of right now, all of my fics with him as a main character are on hiatus. I just don’t feel comfortable writing him while his life is in such a precarious position. I will work on my JRock fics, and my non-Top Kpop fics.


I am not okay with him smoking weed. It is not as dangerous as alchool or other drugs (I am of the opinion it should be legalized but that’s a whole different discussion) but it is illegal and he shouldn’t have been doing it. As such, he should face the consequences. He knew what he was doing was wrong.


HOWEVER. Telling someone to kill themselves, telling someone their mother should be sorry she had him is NOT OKAY. He’s human. He makes mistakes. What is wrong with you? Not everyone is strong enough to blow those words off. And we know Top has had similar issues in the past.

Actually, I do know what is wrong with you. You build these guys up so much in your heads that you forget that they are human, that they are everyday people like you and me. And when they make that human mistake, you feel betrayed, so you say such awful things. Which in turn makes you awful.

If you wouldn’t want someone to say it to you, or your bestie, it is not okay to say it to anyone else.


I support T.O.P.